Rahul Gandhi sparks controversy with claims of whites failing SAT exam in viral video

In the video, Gandhi proceeded to employ the anecdote as a comparison, suggesting that if individuals from upper castes are predominantly preparing for the IITs and Dalits are facing failure, then Dalits should also endeavor to prepare for the exam.

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Courtesy: ANI

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has once again attracted attention for his comments regarding the SAT exam in the United States of America. In a viral video circulating on social media, Gandhi can be observed recounting an anecdote to a group of individuals, stating that "whites failed the SAT exam when the black people started preparing the question paper."

Gandhi elaborated on the anecdote, saying, “Who takes the call about what is merit? I’ll tell you a small story. There was a beautiful experiment. Just like we have IITs, in America, they have the SAT exams. When the SAT was first implemented, a strange thing happened. All the whites in America were topping. But the blacks or those who were speaking Spanish were not doing so well.”

He continued, “Their big academicians then said that blacks and Latin Americans are not meritorious. They are not able to understand. This went on for years. Then, one day after a professor suggested it, they got these papers prepared by the blacks. You know what happened? All the whites failed.” The audience in the video can be seen applauding and reacting positively to Gandhi's statement.

Gandhi used the story as an analogy to highlight the issue of meritocracy, stating, “This means that the one who is controlling the system is also deciding the merit. If you are a farmer’s son and I’m a bureaucrat’s son. If you prepare for the exam, I’m bound to fail.” He further suggested that if the upper castes are preparing for the IIT exams and Dalits are failing, then Dalits should prepare for the exam.

Critics on social media, particularly on X (previously Twitter), have called out Gandhi for allegedly fabricating stories to fuel division. A user on X remarked, “Who told him the story that in USA, all the whites failed the SAT because the exam was set by blacks? In fact, there is no official passing or failing grade on the SAT. And, how can one compare SAT with JEE or IIT? Such false stories & dreams will destroy the education system.”