Muslim men molest, blackmail minor dalit girl to do this INHUMANE act

The backdrop of this distressing narrative is a predominantly Muslim neighborhood, where Shadab and Shoaib have a history of harassing girls.

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In Uttar Pradesh's Ghaziabad, a troubling incident of alleged molestation and blackmail of a minor girl from the Dalit community has surfaced. The victim's father lodged a complaint on May 12th, unraveling the harrowing ordeal that has left the community shaken. The backdrop of this distressing narrative is a predominantly Muslim neighborhood, where Shadab and Shoaib, the accused, purportedly have a history of harassing girls. Despite complaints, their financial standing seemingly shielded them from accountability.

The victim, a vulnerable underage girl, found herself ensnared in a web of coercion and intimidation. Forced to entertain advances and marriage proposals, she endured unspeakable humiliation, including the exploitation of explicit photographs for blackmail. Even warnings from her brother couldn't deter the relentless pursuit of her dignity.

Shadab, Shoaib blackmail with offensive photos

They started molesting the minor daughter over a span of days, subjecting her to inappropriate behavior whenever she went out. Alongside this, they coerced her into sharing her contact details and pressured her into considering marriage. Furthermore, they captured offensive photos, later exploiting them for blackmail. 

The father accused Shoaib and Shadab of intentionally enticing his daughter with ill intentions, coupled with incessant harassment via phone calls. Moreover, the complaint outlined an incident where the girl encountered further lewd behavior from the duo while en route to a destination. 

Threats loom large

The situation took a sinister turn when Shadab and Shoaib, emboldened by their impunity, brazenly threatened the victim's entire family. Faced with the chilling specter of violence, the father's resolve solidified, prompting him to seek legal recourse to protect his loved ones.

The complainant stated that they threatened to leave the village, revealing the intense harassment they were facing in the Muslim-dominated village. The victim's father mentioned that rape cases have already been filed against the accused individuals. When questioned about their motive behind these dreadful actions, he explained, "They want us to vacate our house.

Authorities registered an FIR against the accused under pertinent sections of the Indian Penal Code and other statutes. While efforts are underway to track down the perpetrators, the victim's testimony has been recorded.