Must have undergone some sort of Pauline epiphany: Shashi Tharoor's jibe after Congress fields Sunil Sharma

Clarifying the same, Sunil Sharma refuted the claims of his association with the Jaipur Dialogues Twitter account or YouTube channel.

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Courtesy: X (ANI & Sunil Sharma)

Soon after the Congress nominated Sunil Sharma, the director of "Jaipur Dialogues," from Rajasthan for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2024, it sparked a few questions. On Saturday, Thiruvananthapuram MP and senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor joked that Sunil Sharma must have had "some sort of Pauline epiphany."

On the way to 24 Akbar, he must have experienced a Pauline epiphany of sorts! As he posted a 2021 post from the Jaipur Dialogues handle that ridiculed him and Rahul Gandhi, Tharoor wrote on X, "This is just one of several dozen tweets from his handle attacking me."

Notably, “Jaipur Dialogues” is a social media platform that is famous for its content against Congress. On the other hand, Sunil Sharma, the director of the platform, was listed on the third list that Congress released on Thursday.

Other candidates from Rajasthan are Urmila Jain Bhaya from the Jhalawar-Baran constituency, Umeda Ram Beniwal from Barmer, Sangeeta Beniwal from Pali, and Kuldeep Indora from the Ganganagar constituency. Congress, meanwhile, has moved to the CPM, a partner of the INDIA alliance, from the Sikar constituency.

Here’s what Sunil Sharma said

Meanwhile, clarifying the same, Sunil Sharma refuted the claims of him associated with the Jaipur Dialogues Twitter account or YouTube channel. He called it false propaganda and fake news being spread to harm the Congress Party's chances, through his social media handle.

He also shared a post speaking in Hindi, where Sharma claimed he was invited by ‘Jaipur Dialogues’ several times to speak on various issues, but was never associated with the management.