PM Modi accuses INDIA Bloc of 'Mujra' politics for vote bank; Erupts controversy online

BJP officials have stated time and time again that throughout the 10 years of the Narendra Modi administration at the Center, the nation's reputation has increased abroad. PM Modi is running for a third consecutive term in office.

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On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pledged to block the INDIA bloc, whom he accused of "enslavement" and "mujra" for Muslim vote banks, from attempting to deprive Dalits and other underprivileged groups of reservations.  At a rally in the Pataliputra Lok Sabha seat, some 40 km from Patna, the Prime Minister launched the scathing attack.

He also accused the Congress and RJD of causing SCs, STs, and OBCs to "be robbed of quotas" in minority institutions. The Prime Minister reiterated his accusation, refuted by the Congress and its allies, that the Indian bloc seeks to deprive the underprivileged of their rights in order to favor Muslims, while speaking at a rally in Bihar.

PM's statement in Bihar

The Prime Minister stated that Bihar is a region that has provided new direction to the fight for social justice. He declared on its soil his commitment to thwart the plans of the India bloc, which he claimed aim to deprive SCs, STs, and OBCs of their rights and divert them to Muslims. He added that these groups may remain enslaved and perform'mujra' to appease their vote bank.

The opposition alliance, he claimed, was counting on the backing of people who were engaging in "vote jihad." He also cited the ruling of the Calcutta High Court, which overturned the West Bengal government's plan to add many Muslim communities to the OBC list.

Response from INDIA Bloc

The INDIA bloc, comprising a coalition of opposition parties and intellectuals, has vehemently denied Modi's allegations. They argue that their political strategies are rooted in addressing socio-economic disparities and advocating for inclusive policies. They have accused Modi of using inflammatory language to distract from substantive policy discussions. Modi's remarks have sparked a heated debate across political circles. Supporters laud his direct approach in calling out what he perceives as political opportunism, while critics argue that such language undermines the decorum of political discourse.

Comment for the Gandhis'

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra retaliated by saying that no prime minister would have spoken in such a way. "What is Modiji saying? Does he not have an obligation to keep his post polite? We value the position of prime minister. Now his actuality is apparent. Do not expose the nation to too much reality. He is unaware that he speaks for the nation. What will the future generations say?" The Congressman remarked during a rally in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, alongside Samajwadi Party chief and ally Akhilesh Yadav.

Priyanka comes swinging!

She also mentioned that it's the BJP's candidates who are stating that the party would amend the Constitution if it came back into power.Tejashwi Yadav criticized the "mujra" comment, stating that the Prime Minister's language deteriorates with each election phase. He remarked, "He is using a language that even his followers find distasteful." Regarding the comment about refusing permission, she pointed out that despite the initial denial, their 17-month administration conducted a caste-based survey and implemented 75% reservation. She challenged Modi, asking which BJP-governed state has a 75% reservation policy.

Netizens react on the comment 

The internet has not stopped buzzing ever since the speech, as netizens have criticised the PM, for the motive of the disrespect to the INDIA Bloc. This is how people reacted, take a look: