Police raid brothel operating above hospital in Agra, THIS is what they found

Alcohol, beer, and various sexual performance enhancers were also available for customers.

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New Delhi: A joint operation by the Jagdishpura police station and the Anti Human Trafficking Unit in Agra has unearthed a shocking operation. A brothel was being run on the second floor of a building, directly above a functioning hospital on the ground floor.

Secret den masquerades as residence

The raid, conducted on Tuesday afternoon, exposed the illegal activity taking place at the Amar Palace building located on Bodla-Bichpuri road. Disguised as a residence on the second floor, the brothel was managed by a woman named Muskan.

Stampede erupts during police raid

The police presence triggered a stampede as customers and staff attempted to flee. Officers were stunned by the scene upon entering, finding five women, three men (including the operator), and various objectionable items, including potency-enhancing drugs.

Building owner implicated

The investigation revealed the building owner, Amar Singh, was also aware of the illegal activity. The police believe he willfully turned a blind eye to the brothel operating above his Mrityunjay Hospital on the ground floor.

According to ACP Loha Mandi Mayank Tiwari, Muskan used WhatsApp to connect with potential customers. She would send photos of the women, who are all reportedly local, and arrange meetings at the brothel. Alcohol, beer, and various sexual performance enhancers were also available for customers.

Two customers arrested

The raid resulted in the arrest of two customers caught in compromising situations with the women. A search is underway for Muskan's husband, believed to be an accomplice in the operation.

Hospital provided cover

The bustling activity outside the hospital on the ground floor unintentionally provided a facade for the brothel above. Attendants and their vehicles coming and going presumably masked the daily arrival of new customers at the brothel.

This brazen operation has left the people of the vicinity in disbelief. The case highlights the importance of vigilance and active investigation to combat human trafficking and hidden criminal activities.