SHAME! TMC leader Saket Gokhale hits out at PM Modi for remaining silent on Col Kale’s death in Gaza

Col Kale passed away in a car on his way to a hospital in the Khan Younis neighborhood in the Rafah region on Tuesday.

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Courtesy: ANI

Saket Gokhale, a member of parliament and leader of the Trinamool Congress, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday, labeling the incident "SHAMEFUL" following the death of a veteran Indian Army official stationed in Gaza. Notably, Col Waibhav Anil Kale, 46, an Indian staff member who had served as an officer in the Indian Army and was employed by the UN, passed away in a car on his way to a hospital in the Khan Younis neighborhood in the Rafah region.

Col Kale took retirement from the Indian Army two years back to join the United Nations.

Taking it to his official Instagram handle, Gokhale criticized PM Modi as he condemned the act after the Indian Army personnel lost his life in Gaza. 

His post reads, “It is SHOCKING that a retired Indian Army colonel was killed by Israel in Gaza and the shameless Modi Govt hasn’t uttered a SINGLE WORD! On Monday, Col. Waibhav Anil Kale (retd) was killed in Gaza in an Israeli strike. What is shocking is that Col Kale worked for the UN & was traveling in a clearly marked UN vehicle when he was killed.”

“Under international law, UN vehicles & personnel CANNOT be attacked. But under Netanyahu, Israel has become emboldened to the point where butchering innocent civilians, aid workers, and UN personnel has become fair game. It is a matter of SHAME that the Modi Govt has not condemned this attack & killing of an Indian Army veteran in a UN vehicle by Israel in violation of international law,” he added in the post.

Going further in the post, Gokhale extended all possible assistance to the family of martyr Col Kale.

Meanwhile, the United Nations has expressed condolences to his family during the difficult times.