What's most you can do in love? Chaand taare toddna..nehh? Meet lover who stole bikes for girlfriend... Now arrested

In Begamganj of Raisen, Madhya Pradesh, a strange kind of bike thief has been caught by the police. It is said that this thief used to steal to make his girlfriend happy.

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You may have heard many love stories, but today we are going to tell you about a lover who turned into a thief for his girlfriend. Recently, Madhya Pradesh Police caught a bike thief. The story of this bike thief is strange.

It is said that this thief used to steal bikes on Valentine's Day and on many special occasions to take his girlfriend for a ride. Not just one girlfriend, but he had multiple girlfriends whom he would take on rides after stealing new motorcycles.

Stealing bikes to make girlfriends happy

Let us tell you that the cunning vehicle thief of Begumganj Rahatgarh area has been arrested by the police. Along with this, two bikes have also been seized. According to the police, he has stolen hundreds of vehicles before this. He has 14 cases of theft registered against him. It is said that on every Valentine's Day, he used to steal bikes to take his beloved for a ride and later would buy gifts for her with the money from selling them.

Lover turned thief in police custody

The cunning vehicle thief, Jay Singh Rajput, son of Ranveer Singh Rajput, a resident of Bhabhuka village under Rahatgarh police station, was caught red-handed by the police while riding a stolen bike in his village based on an informant's tip-off. The police have also seized another stolen bike sold by him in Rahatgarh. After stealing Prem Singh Lodhi's bike from Khajuriya Barmaid, he was riding the same bike.

14 theft cases registered

Apart from this, he had sold Rinki Purohit's bike stolen from Kiriyatigdde to Akash Thakur in Rahatgarh. The police have registered cases against both thefts. The cunning Jay Singh Rajput has 14 previous theft cases registered against him. When caught last time, he had seized 16 stolen bikes from Begumganj tehsil and sold 32 stolen bikes from Rahatgarh tehsil, which the police had seized.

Stolen more than 150 bikes

After being released from jail, he stole two bikes again. Let us tell you that this cunning thief has stolen more than 150 bikes and four-wheelers so far. He already has 14 cases registered for bike and four-wheeler thefts, and now, after this incident, 15 more cases have been registered.