Shocking! 8-month pregnant woman, another Kenyan detained at Mumbai Airport for smuggling Rs 19 crore in gold

Authorities at Mumbai Airport arrested an 8-month pregnant woman and another Kenyan national for attempting to smuggle Rs 19 crore worth of gold. The significant bust highlights ongoing efforts to crack down on gold smuggling operations. The duo was intercepted during a routine security check, leading to the discovery of the concealed gold. This incident underscores the increasing sophistication and boldness of smuggling tactics.

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On Monday, two Nairobi-based ladies were taken into custody for smuggling 33 kilogram of gold bars valued Rs 19 crore. According to customs authorities from the air intelligence section, the gold was concealed in their luggage and undergarments. They said that this is among the biggest gold seizures from travelers landing in Mumbai this year. "The two belong to the same gold smuggling syndicate, although they were held separately." Anzal Abdi Kala (26), a passenger in the first case, was asked by AIU officials if she was carrying any dutiable products. She responded negatively. The passenger was walking through the green channel. 

This went down!

After conducting a physical check on her with the help of female officers, officials found eight yellow metal fragments in her underwear and a bag holding four pouches with twenty yellow metal fragments wrapped in adhesive tape. When they opened it, they discovered 28 gold pieces totaling 11.3 kilogram. Similarly, Saida Hussein, a 24-year-old passenger on the same aircraft, was discovered to have 61 yellow metal bits hidden in her luggage with adhesive tape. The seized gold weighed 21.4 kilogram.

Apprehended thereafter

Both were apprehended under the Customs Act, shown in court, and then placed under judicial supervision. In early investigations, neither of them acknowledged ownership of the gold. Prabhakar Tripathi, Kala's attorney, stated, "My client is eight months pregnant. Why would she do something inappropriate? She is been wrongly accused. In an attempt to assist Saida, she asked her to carry her bags, but instead she was used as a scapegoat. Saida's attorney, Vijay Adwani, asserted that his client was wrongfully accused since it is "impossible" to carry 20 kg of gold on one's person.