Tantric does THIS to woman who wished for baby boy

In Noida, a woman has made serious allegations against a priest who claimed he could ensure the birth of a son through rituals. The woman alleges that the priest took advantage of conducting religious ceremonies to engage in inappropriate actions with her.

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A woman has leveled serious allegations against a priest who purportedly claimed he could ensure the birth of a son through specific rituals. The woman accused the priest of inappropriate behavior while conducting these religious ceremonies. The woman's father has lodged an official complaint, and the police confirmed on Monday that they are currently investigating the allegations.

In-laws’ Desire for a Son

According to Suzy Upadhyay, the station in-charge of Dadri, the woman filed her complaint last night. She stated that her marriage occurred six years ago and that she has two daughters. Her in-laws, desiring a son, sought the help of a priest from Tapur village in Hapur. The woman's father reported that the priest assured them that his rituals could guarantee the birth of a son. Consequently, the priest started visiting both her maternal and in-laws’ homes to perform these religious ceremonies. During these visits, the priest took the woman's phone number and began making inappropriate advances, raising her suspicions about his true intentions.

Misconduct During Rituals

The woman's father informed the police that the priest's visits to her in-laws' home were also marked by inappropriate behavior. During these rituals, the priest allegedly crossed all boundaries, prompting the woman to confide in her father about the incidents. Following this revelation, her father filed a formal complaint against the priest. The police are actively investigating the matter to verify the allegations and take appropriate action.