The Septa: Seven wealthiest contenders from phase 7 of Lok Sabha Elections 2024

These politicians, with their robust financial portfolios, continue to shape the political discourse and strategies within their constituencies, underscoring the critical role of wealth in electoral politics.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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In the landscape of Indian politics, several candidates stand out not only for their political influence but also for their substantial financial assets. Figures such as Harsimrat Kaur Badal, Ajay Singh, Shatrughan Sinha, Dimple Yadav, Ranjit Ranjan, Pawan Kumar Bansal, and Kanimozhi Karunanidhi exemplify this blend of wealth and power. Their declared assets, ranging from significant real estate holdings to diversified business investments, highlight the considerable economic clout they bring to their respective campaigns. These politicians, with their robust financial portfolios, continue to shape the political discourse and strategies within their constituencies, underscoring the critical role of wealth in electoral politics.

Here are seven of the deep pocketed candidates to look out for in Lok Sabha Elections 2024

Harsimrat Kaur Badal (Shiromani Akali Dal)

Bathinda, Punjab, reported assets worth approximately ₹217 crore. A prominent political figure and former Union Minister, Harsimrat Kaur Badal's wealth includes vast agricultural land, commercial properties, and significant investments in various businesses. Her financial portfolio reflects a blend of inherited wealth and strategic investments, making her one of the wealthiest candidates in this phase. Her influence in Punjabi politics is significant, given her family's long-standing political legacy.

Ajay Singh (BJP)

From Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, declared assets valued at around ₹185 crore. Singh, a successful businessman before entering politics, has extensive holdings in real estate, including residential and commercial properties across major cities. His business ventures span across multiple industries, contributing to his substantial net worth. Ajay Singh's wealth and business acumen provide him with a considerable advantage in his political campaign, enabling extensive outreach and engagement with constituents.

Shatrughan Sinha (Congress)

From Patna Sahib, Bihar, with declared assets of ₹172 crore. The veteran actor-turned-politician’s wealth stems from his successful acting career, which brought significant earnings and opportunities for real estate investments. Additionally, his business interests in media and entertainment have further boosted his financial standing. Shatrughan Sinha’s transition from Bollywood to politics has been marked by his continued influence and affluence, which play a crucial role in his electoral strategies.

Dimple Yadav (Samajwadi Party)

Kannauj, Uttar Pradesh, holds assets worth ₹160 crore. As the wife of former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav, Dimple Yadav’s wealth includes significant real estate holdings, agricultural land, and various business investments. The Yadav family's prominence in Uttar Pradesh politics is bolstered by their substantial financial resources, which are pivotal in supporting their political campaigns and social initiatives. Dimple Yadav's assets reflect the family's strategic investments and longstanding political influence.

Ranjit Ranjan (Congress)

From Supaul, Bihar, has assets totaling ₹153 crore. Her wealth comprises agricultural lands, extensive real estate properties, and business ventures in sectors such as hospitality and manufacturing. Ranjit Ranjan’s financial portfolio is diverse, reflecting a blend of traditional investments and modern business enterprises. Her substantial assets provide her with the financial muscle to mount a robust electoral campaign and engage effectively with her constituency.

Pawan Kumar Bansal (Congress)

From Chandigarh, with declared assets around ₹145 crore. Bansal's wealth includes extensive real estate holdings in prime locations, investments in various businesses, and inherited wealth from family properties. His financial standing is strengthened by his long career in politics, during which he has held several key positions, including that of Union Minister. Bansal’s affluence enables him to have a significant impact on his electoral campaign and political activities.

Kanimozhi Karunanidhi (DMK)

From Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu, with assets around ₹130 crore. As a prominent political leader from the influential Karunanidhi family, Kanimozhi’s wealth includes significant property holdings, investments in various sectors, and substantial inherited wealth. Her financial assets are a testament to the Karunanidhi family's enduring legacy in Tamil Nadu politics. Kanimozhi’s substantial resources play a crucial role in her political endeavors, allowing for extensive campaign activities and social outreach programs.

These candidates bring substantial financial resources to their electoral campaigns, reflecting their significant influence and socio-economic status