Tragic love: Couple hangs themselves in rented house over THIS reason

A couple in Chhattisgarh hung themselves to end their lives. It is been reported that although they both desired marriage, their families opposed it.

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The bodies of a couple were discovered hanging from a fan at a rented home in the Balodabazar district of Chhattisgarh. On Wednesday, the couple committed suicide in a rented home close to the Kotwali police station. It is said that because they were unable to be married, they hanged themselves to death. The police detained the remains and sent them for a post-mortem after learning about the occurrence. The situation is currently being looked into by the police.

The aftermath

The deaths of a young man and a young woman were discovered in a rented home near Balodabazar's new bus stop, according to the information provided by the police. Following their arrival at the scene and preparation of the Panchnama, the Kotwali police station transferred the bodies of the two people to the hospital for a postmortem. The cops discovered the girl's body immediately upon arrival, sitting on a chair with a dupatta around her neck. While the young man's body was discovered hanging in front of her. 

More on the deceased

The deceased have been named Pramila Sahu, who is believed to be 17 years old, and Hamesh Nishad, a resident of the village of Kukurdi. It is stated that they were in love with one another. The parents left for work as usual on the day of the tragedy. While her lover Hamesh had come to meet her, her daughter Pramila was by herself at home. It is said that when they realized they were alone in the house, they both hanged themselves to death. After calling loudly, the daughter Pramila did not open the door when the family returned home for lunch in the afternoon. The landlord and the family then went down the stairs from the roof and discovered both of their bodies hanging from the rope.

It is said that the landlady, Sharda Soni, observed their two bodies inside the room, hanging from a noose. She then notified the Kotwali police. The police squad then arrived at the location. In this case, statements from the family are being obtained.