Two suspects arrested for murder of Uzbek woman in Bengaluru hotel

The Seshadripuram police have filed a murder case against both suspects, who are originally from Assam. The investigation is currently underway.

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Courtesy: pexels

Two suspects have been apprehended by Bengaluru police in connection with the alleged murder of an Uzbekistan woman, whose lifeless body was discovered at a hotel in the city earlier this week. The arrested individuals have been identified as Amrit and Robert, both of whom are employed at the same hotel where the tragic incident took place.

As per the details revealed, the accused gained access to the woman's room on Wednesday under the pretext of cleaning, during which they noticed foreign currency in her possession. Motivated by greed, they resorted to robbing her and resorting to violence. 

The assailants reportedly assaulted the victim before suffocating her with a pillow, resulting in her untimely demise. Subsequently, they absconded with the stolen cash and an expensive mobile phone.

A murder case has been registered against both Amrit and Robert at the Seshadripuram police station. The accused hail from Assam and are currently under police custody as the investigation continues to unfold.

According to a statement provided by the hotel staff, the victim, Zareena Djeparova, arrived in Bengaluru on March 5 on a business visa and had reserved a room for a ten-day stay on the second floor of Star Hotel. Concerns arose when her agent attempted to contact her on Thursday but failed to elicit any response. Following unsuccessful attempts, the hotel staff intervened by accessing her room using a master key, only to discover her lifeless body wrapped in a bedsheet.

Upon making the distressing discovery, the hotel staff promptly alerted the authorities, leading to a comprehensive investigation by the police, including a forensic examination and assistance from canine units. The victim's body was subsequently transferred to Bowring Hospital for a thorough autopsy, as part of the ongoing efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding her tragic demise.

In light of the international ramifications of the case, the police have also informed the Ministry of External Affairs to initiate contact with the victim's family and extend necessary support during this challenging time.