Why Indian flag hoisted on Independence Day but unfurled on Republic Day? EXPLAINED

As India marks its 75th Republic Day this year, let's understand the difference between unfurling and hoisting the national flag on January 26 and August 15 respectively.

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India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day on January 26 this year, commemorating the adoption of the Constitution. Have you guys ever noticed that the national flag is unfurled by the President on this day, contrasting with the flag hoisting by the Prime Minister on Independence Day? While similar ceremonies, the two hold distinct meanings. Let’s make it easy for you to understand the reason behind the same.

Why national flag is hoisted on Independence Day and unfurled on Republic Day?

On Independence Day, the flag is hoisted by being raised the pole after tying it at the bottom. This symbolizes the country attaining freedom from British rule and establishing itself as an independent nation. It marks the emergence of a sovereign identity.

Republic Day, however, marks the formal enactment of the Constitution. The President unfurls the bundled flag atop the pole, signifying India was already a free country by this time.

Who started ritual of hoisting and unfurling the Tricolor?

The first Independence Day flag hoisting was done by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, as Governor General Lord Mountbatten was still a colonial symbol. But, with Dr Rajendra Prasad becoming the first President, he unfurled the flag on the inaugural Republic Day. This tradition has continued since.

Do locations matter in this case?

The locations also differ. The prime minister hoists the flag at Red Fort, followed by addressing the nation.

The president unfurls it at Rajpath, followed by cultural events showcasing India's diversity and military might.

What do both ceremonies emphasize?

While the tricolor waving proudly holds deep meaning on both days, the ceremonies emphasize different national milestones. Hoisting the flag on August 15 reflects freedom from British rule. Unfurling on January 26 marks the constitutional foundation of sovereign India.

The acts of hoisting versus unfurling celebrate India's hard-won independence as well as the establishment of an egalitarian, democratic republic. Both days fill citizens with immense patriotism, love, and respect for the national flag and the ideals it represents.