Will appear before police on May 31: Prajwal Revanna vows cooperation in probe

Revanna dismissed the accusations as a "political conspiracy" and revealed he had been in a state of "depression and isolation."

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Courtesy: X/Prajwal Revanna

New Delhi: Karnataka JDS MP Prajwal Revanna, embroiled in a scandal involving leaked sex tapes and sexual harassment allegations, announced he will present himself before the Special Investigation Team (SIT) on May 31.

Commitment to the legal process

"Don’t mistake me, on the 31st at 10 am, I will be in front of the SIT and I will cooperate. I trust the judiciary and these are false cases against me. I trust the law," Revanna told India Today.

Background of the scandal

The 33-year-old Hassan MP, grandson of JDS patriarch and former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda, left the country on April 26 after numerous videos depicting him sexually abusing women surfaced.

Revanna alleges of political conspiracy

Revanna dismissed the accusations as a "political conspiracy" and revealed he had been in a state of "depression and isolation." He also expressed remorse to JDS leaders and supporters for not disclosing his location.

"I want to apologise to my family members, my Kumaranna [HD Kumaraswamy], and the party workers for not providing proper information about my whereabouts abroad. On April 26th, when the elections were over, there was no case against me. The SIT wasn't formed. Two or three days after I left, I saw these allegations against me on YouTube. I also wrote to the SIT via my lawyer asking for seven days' time," he said.

Response to political accusations

Revanna claimed that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and other senior party members publicly discussed the allegations, framing it as a politically motivated attack. "This is a political conspiracy," he asserted.

Legal actions and current status

A Special Court for Elected Representatives issued an arrest warrant against Revanna on May 18, following an SIT application. Additionally, Interpol has issued a 'Blue Corner Notice' to ascertain his whereabouts, based on a request from the SIT via the CBI.

Revanna, son of JDS MLA HD Revanna, is reportedly in Germany.