‘My words were disrespectful…,’ Akmal apologizes after Harbhajan ask him to take history lessons

The apology from the Pakistani player Kamran Akmal has come after Harbhajan Singh lashed out at him asking to know the history of Sikh before making any comment.

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Courtesy: Instagram (Kamran Akmal/Harbhajan Singh)

Coming down heavily on the racist remarks on Sikhs, the former Indian Cricket player Harbhajan Singh backlashed Pakistani cricket player Kamran Akmal for his controversial statement about Indian fast bowler Arshdeep Singh. Taking it to his X handle, Harbhajan asked him to know the history of Sikhs before he opened his filthy mouth.

It is worth noting that the anger through his post has been expressed by Harbhajan after Kamran Akmal made a remark that was perceived as a racist joke targeting the Sikh community, during one of the interviews on Sunday. 

Harbhajan Singh condemned Akmal's joke, emphasizing the inappropriateness and insensitivity of such remarks. Harbhajan highlighted the rich history and contributions of the Sikh community, educating Akmal and the public on the importance of respecting all cultures and communities.

Kamran Akmal’s apology

Following Harbhajan's ballistic response, Akmal issued an apology. He acknowledged the offense caused by his comment and expressed regret for his words. The apology was seen as an attempt to mend the situation and demonstrate respect towards the Sikh community and its members.

Taking it to his X handle, Akmal apologized for the comment he made, “I deeply regret my recent comments and sincerely apologize to @harbhajan_singh and the Sikh community. My words were inappropriate and disrespectful. I have the utmost respect for Sikhs all over the world and never intended to hurt anyone. I am truly sorry.”

This incident underscores the broader issue of cultural sensitivity and the need for public figures to be mindful of their statements, especially in diverse and multicultural contexts. Harbhajan Singh's reaction and Kamran Akmal's subsequent apology serve as a reminder of the impact of words and the importance of promoting mutual respect and understanding.