Mohammed Shami to miss IPL 2024 due to ankle injury

Shami, 33, last appeared for India in November's ODI World Cup final matchup with Australia.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Due to an injury to his left ankle, pacer Mohammed Shami will not be seen playing in the Indian Premier League next month. He will have surgery in the UK to address the ailment. The 33-year-old last played for India in the ODI World Cup final against Australia back in November. He is not currently participating in the current Test series against England. 

The official statement 

As per a statement, Shami was told to start light running after three weeks and take it from there when he visited London in the last week of January for special ankle injections. However, the injection was ineffective, leaving surgery as the sole remaining alternative. He is about to travel to the UK for surgery. IPL seems to be confirmed, said a top BCCI source, who wished to remain anonymous, to the media.

More on Shami's journey to pinnacle

With 24 wickets, Shami was a key player in India's incredible World Cup run. Despite his struggles with his landing, Shami fought through discomfort and didn't let it stop him from giving it his all. In his ten-year career, Shami—who was recently awarded the Arjuna Award—has amassed 229 Tests, 195 ODIs, and 24 T20 wickets.

Recovery in cards

The National Cricket Academy's (NCA) injury recovery management program for Shami is called into doubt by this development. It is now extremely improbable that the fast bowling maestro will be able to return before India's home Test matches against New Zealand and Bangladesh in October and November. The highly anticipated away series against Australia might be his objective. The conservative viewpoint of the NCA, according to those in the know, hasn't helped Shami's situation.

Time is of the essence! 

Shami ought to have gone straight to surgery, and NCA ought to have made that decision. It wouldn't have worked well to just take two months off and administer injections, yet that's exactly what happened. The Indian team would need him in Australia since he is a valuable asset, the source stated.