‘Hope BJP will fulfil responsibilities of people’: Kamal Nath after saffron party’s big win in MP

Despite losing the election battle, Kamal Nath congratulated the BJP for its victory in the poll-bound Madhya Pradesh.

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Courtesy: ANI

BJP just scored a landslide victory in three of the four states yesterday, including Madhya Pradesh. Reacting to the big win, former chief minister and the Congress state chief Kamal Nath said that he accepts the people’s mandate in this democratic contest and that his party will fulfil the responsibility of the Opposition.

Kamal Nath addresses press conference

Addressing a press conference, Kamal Nath told the media, “We accept the mandate of Madhya Pradesh's voters in this democratic contest. We will fulfil the role of the Opposition.”

On the challenges that lie before the Congress as the principal Opposition party in the state, the Congress leader said, "The biggest challenge in front of us today is the future of the youth, unemployment and farm distress. Agriculture forms 70 per cent of our state's economy. We want to prioritise the strengths of the agriculture sector. "

Nath congratulates BJP

Despite losing the election battle, Nath congratulated the BJP for its victory, saying, “I congratulate the Bharatiya Janata Party and hope they will fulfil the responsibilities of the people who have given them this mandate."

The Congress, which won the 2018 Assembly elections, lost power after its government was reduced to a minority following a rebellion by then-party stalwart Jyotiraditya Scindia. Scindia eventually switched over to the BJP along with his loyalist MLAs.

On the party missing out on a 'second chance' to take the hustings in Madhya Pradesh, the former CM said, "This was our second chance. I have always said that I believe in the voters in Madhya Pradesh. I do that even today. I hope that the BJP will live up to the belief and trust that the voters have reposed in them," Kamal Nath said.

On where the party lost the elections that many pollsters predicted they would win, the former chief minister said, "We will discuss our shortcomings with our candidates."

Ex-CM tweets

Taking it to X, Kamal Nath said that he hopes that the BJP will live up to the trust that the public has shown in them.

"I accept the decision of the people of Madhya Pradesh in the election results. We have been given the responsibility to sit in the opposition and we will discharge our responsibility. The biggest question facing Madhya Pradesh right now is that the future of the youth of Madhya Pradesh should be secure and our farmers should get prosperity. I congratulate the Bharatiya Janata Party. I hope that he will try to live up to the trust that the public has shown in him," the former CM tweeted.

"You all must remember that I never announced the seats. I always said that I have faith in the voters of Madhya Pradesh and even today I will say that I have faith in the voters of Madhya Pradesh. I will review with all the defeated candidates and winning MLAs what was the reason why we could not explain our point to the voters of Madhya Pradesh," he added.

Madhya Pradesh has been a BJP stronghold for the last twenty years, barring the 15-month tenure of the Kamal Nath-led government when Congress came to power in 2018.

Consciously deciding not to come out with a chief ministerial face, the BJP fought the polls under a largely collective leadership while the Congress projected Kamal Nath as its CM candidate.