Government takes action against cybercrime: Blocks 20 smart devices

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) took action by disconnecting numerous mobile numbers and blocking 20 smartphones due to their misuse in cybercrime and financial fraud.

Shantanu Poswal
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The Department of Telecommunications (DoT), under the Ministry of Communications & Information Technology, took action against cybercrime and financial fraud by disconnecting several mobile numbers and blocking 20 mobile handsets. In a statement posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), the department confirmed the disconnection of multiple mobile numbers and the blocking of "20 associated mobile handsets... for misuse in cybercrime/financial fraud."

Triggered by a report from Bengaluru-based entrepreneur Aditi Chopra regarding a sophisticated financial scam, the DoT urged the public to remain vigilant and report any suspected fraud immediately to Chakshu, a platform dedicated to reporting fraudulent calls and texts. Chopra's account shed light on a scam that used SMS messages cleverly crafted to cause confusion and facilitate financial theft.

The Telecom Department had previously issued an advisory in March 2024, warning citizens about fraudulent calls impersonating DoT officials. These calls often threatened individuals with mobile number disconnections or claimed that their numbers were involved in illegal activities. The department emphasised the need for prompt reporting of such fraudulent activities.

In addition to these measures, the DoT also highlighted the issue of WhatsApp calls originating from foreign mobile numbers, such as those with the country code +92, impersonating government officials to deceive people.

The Chakshu portal, launched as part of the Sanchar Sathi Initiative by the Central Government and developed by the Department of Telecommunications, serves as a platform for users to report fraudulent communication, including fake calls, SMS, emails, and more. Users can also register complaints related to bank accounts, payment wallets, and SIM cards through this portal, contributing to the fight against online fraud and cybercrime.