Innovation in MedTech: Indian American-run company’s non-invasive device promises transformative results to spinal health

Established in 2019, SpineX focuses on creating non-invasive medical tools, aiming to enhance the lives of patients suffering from various neurological issues.

Satyam Singh
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Parag Gad, an Indian American entrepreneur, heads SpineX, a pioneering MedTech bioelectric company situated in Los Angeles. Established in 2019, SpineX focuses on creating non-invasive medical tools, aiming to enhance the lives of patients suffering from various neurological issues.

What technology is being used in SpineX's devices?

Gad's innovative devices utilize spinal cord stimulation, akin to a pacemaker for the spine. Unlike traditional implants, these gadgets are non-invasive, placed externally over the back, and transmit impulses to the spinal cord. This technology holds promise for treating conditions like neurogenic bladder in adults and movement disorders in children with cerebral palsy.

Journey of development

A biomedical engineer by profession, Gad honed his skills at the University of California, Los Angeles, delving deep into neuroengineering and rehabilitation. After years of research and development, he founded SpineX, where he spearheaded the creation of two groundbreaking products: Spinal Cord Neuromodulator (SCONE) and Spinal Cord Innovation in Pediatrics (SCiP).

How SCONE is going to help battle neurological diseases?

SCONE, resembling a small pager, delivers targeted impulses to the spinal cord, effectively managing neurogenic bladder conditions resulting from spinal cord injuries or neurological diseases. Clinical trials worldwide, including in India, have shown promising results, offering hope to thousands suffering from urinary incontinence.

On the pediatric front, SCiP emerges as a beacon of hope for children with cerebral palsy, addressing movement disorders and enhancing motor functions. Gad envisions SCiP receiving approval in India by 2026, marking a significant milestone in pediatric neurorehabilitation.

Revolutionizing therapy with AI integration

Both devices integrate with a user-friendly app equipped with AI capabilities, enabling personalized therapy sessions and real-time monitoring. This groundbreaking approach empowers patients and healthcare providers alike, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

Accessibility affordability

Gad emphasizes the accessibility of SpineX's devices, envisioning them as home-use solutions. By minimizing clinic visits and offering customizable treatment plans, SpineX aims to revolutionize neurological rehabilitation, making therapy more convenient and cost-effective for patients.

SpineX collaborates with regulatory bodies like the FDA and CDSCO, striving for global recognition and approval. With breakthrough designation for its products, SpineX is poised to revolutionize neurological care, offering hope and healing to countless individuals worldwide.

Paving the way forward

As SpineX navigates the path toward commercialization, Gad remains committed to his vision of making innovative therapies accessible to all. By prioritizing patient well-being and leveraging cutting-edge technology, SpineX stands at the forefront of revolutionizing neurological rehabilitation, one breakthrough device at a time.