Step into Metaverse: Noida welcomes India's first experience centre; Here's inside scoop

Driven by Metaverse911, the first Metaverse Experience Center in India is located in Noida and provides XR tech discovery together with industrial workshops.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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The public can now visit the first Metaverse Experience Center (MEC) in India, located in Noida. The project is being led by the Metaverse911 group. This startup wants to provide business executives with a fresh approach to understanding and investigating extended reality (XR) technology. The new experience center, according to the firm, will encourage a thriving community of inventors.

What is the first MEC in India, and what does it offer?

An immersive platform for investigating VR, AR, MR, and digital twin technologies will be available at the MEC. The company will also hold courses with an industry focus at this experience center to assist executives in learning about and exploring XR apps.This platform will serve as a national hub for influencing the direction of immersive technology in India, in addition to fostering a community of seekers, makers, and innovators in the Metaverse realm.

Plans that Metaverse911 has in place for the MEC

Additionally, Metaverse911 provided the MEC with a future roadmap. The company intends to take the MEC concept outside of India, to Dubai and Singapore, as well as to additional Indian cities.

The MEC's introduction, according to the business, represents a major advancement in India's technology environment. Additionally, this initiative aims to fully embrace the Metaverse's infinite possibilities.