'Fruit Samosa': Another bizarre food experiment takes internet by storm for this reason |Watch

Gaurav Khanna, a motivational speaker recently shared a video of himself indulging in 'fruit samosas'. The video went viral on Instagram for this reason.

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Courtesy: Instagram/Gaurav Khanna

When we think we' ve seen it all in the world of food fusion, the internet surprises us with a new creation. From omelette momos and watermelon popcorn to dahi maggi and gulab jamun noodles we have seen various viral videos. But this time, it's the combination of fruit with samosa. Yes, you heard that correctly. 

What's in the viral video? 

In the video, Gaurav Khanna, popular vlogger can be seen enjoying a samosa in his car. He explains that it is actually a fruit samosa. As the viewers get curious, he breaks it open and one can see that the samosa is actually stuffed with regular mashed potatoes, and not fruits as he initially suggested.

Watch viral video here

How netizens reacted? 

The comments section of the video is filled with a variety of reactions, ranging from surprise to amusement. Many viewers expressed disbelief at the twist in the video, with some confessing that they were genuinely convinced it was a fruit samosa. A user wrote, “English sikhane ka tarika thoda atrangi hai.”
Another said, "You never fail to surprise". "I was 100% convinced it was a fruit samosa".