'I don’t care' UP board topper Prachi Nigam brushes off trolls with confidence

Despite excelling academically and emerging as the topper in the UP Board exams, Prachi Nigam encountered trolling due to her appearance. However, she handled the situation with resilience and grace.

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In a world where the internet serves as a powerful tool for communication and connectivity, it also harbours a darker side, rife with judgements and online harassment. This reality became starkly evident recently when Prachi Nigam, a high-achieving student from Uttar Pradesh who secured the top position in the class 10th board exam with an impressive 98.5 percent, became a target of trolling primarily focused on her physical appearance.

Despite the onslaught of negative comments and criticism, Nigam responded to her trolls with resilience and grace. In an interview with a news channel, she firmly stated, “However God has made me, I am okay with it. For those who feel there is a difference, it doesn’t matter. Even Chanakya was trolled, and he did not care. Similarly, I also don’t care and will focus on my studies.”

Acknowledging both the support and negativity she encountered on social media after her achievement was publicised, Nigam expressed her gratitude, saying, “When my picture was shared on social media as the UP Board examination topper, some people trolled me. At the same time, there were people who supported me. I want to thank them all.”

Meanwhile, Nigam's mother, Mamta, shared her concern regarding the online trolling her daughter faced. She expressed, “When people trolled her, I felt bad about it. Many people have said bad things about her. We told Prachi not to let it weigh on her mind.”

The situation took an unexpected turn when Bombay Shaving Company decided to address Prachi Nigam's trolling in an advertisement. The full-page newspaper ad read, “Dear Prachi, They are trolling your hair today; they’ll applaud your A.I.R. tomorrow.” However, this move faced significant backlash, with many criticising the CEO Shantanu Deshpande, for exploiting a sensitive issue for commercial gain under the guise of empathy.

Reacting to the advertisement, a user commented, “This is not marketing. You are insensitive to a child and using her pain for your commercial gain under the garb of empathy. You've caused her more embarrassment by taking out a full-page ad in a national newspaper. Doesn't look like your education has taught you what real empathy is. This is NOT OKAY.” Another user questioned the relevance of focusing on facial hair and the necessity for the advertisement to center around it.