Allu Arjun lite? Biker takes 'Pushpa Pushpa' dance trend to streets; Watch video

Despite netizens' admiration for this 'next-level' performance, these actions are recognized as breaches of road safety regulations.

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Courtesy: instagram/@amitvermaofficial01

The 'Pushpa Pushpa' song from Allu Arjun's forthcoming movie, Pushpa: The Rule, has sparked a dance trend on Instagram, with one particular video capturing significant attention. In this reel, a man named Amit Verma showcased a daring bike stunt while grooving to the popular dance moves from the song.

Unconventional bike stunt

Verma's reel stood out due to its unconventional approach. Instead of riding the bike in a standard manner, he positioned himself on the back seat, reclining and using the moving bike as a stage for his dance performance. He flawlessly executed the hook steps of the 'Pushpa Pushpa' song, incorporating foot twists, hand movements, and the iconic Pushpa hand wave, all while the bike was in motion.

Viral on Instagram

Uploaded on Instagram in May, Verma's dance-cum-bike stunt reel quickly gained traction, garnering over five million views and 40,000 likes. The unique blend of dance choreography and bike stunts struck a chord with viewers, propelling the video to viral status within the social media community.

Mixed reactions and safety concerns

While many applauded Verma's creativity and skill, some viewers expressed concerns about the safety implications of his stunt. Several internet users highlighted that the hands-free riding and overall risky nature of the stunt could pose dangers and urged caution. However, as of now, the video has not attracted official attention from law enforcement regarding road safety violations.