Strange! Strange! Villagers make 19-year-old marry two girlfriends; know what exactly happened

In both the cases, the young man reached the house of girlfriend to meet her, where he was caught by the family who forced him to get married with girlfriend.

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A strange incident has been reported from Bihar’s Jamui district where a 19-year-old man married two of his girlfriends within a month. The incident is making headlines because in both cases, the man went to meet his girlfriend; the family caught him red-handed and made him marry the girl. 

The 19-year-old young man has been identified as Vinod Kumar, Son of Pradeep Tanti, and a resident of Akshara village. Vinod met Preeti, one of the two girlfriends, who met him on the social media platform Facebook. Reportedly she was already married and had a child. He was noticed by the villagers when he came to meet Preeti, following which they forcefully took him to the nearest temple and got them married. After which they started living together. 

But the twist came when he again did the same thing with his second girlfriend, Girija Kumari, and villagers caught him again, following which he was forced to marry her. After all this, the first wife of Vinod filed a complaint at the police station against her husband for remarrying a second time, but the whole episode turned out to be weird when Girija, the second wife disclosed that she had no objection and could live with their family.

As per reports, the police have not registered any written complaint in the case but stated that action will be taken if a formal complaint is made.