Angry Rantman passes away! Netizens pour in condolence for YouTuber Abhradeep Saha; This is how it happened

As to the accounts, Angry Rantman was admitted to the hospital after undergoing a significant medical procedure one month prior.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Family and fans of YouTuber Abhradeep Saha, also known as Angry Rantman, are in mourning following his untimely death. Saha apparently passed away on the evening of April 16 at the young age of 27, shocking the social media world. Following surgery last month, his health had been declining, which was a devastating turn of events for the lively internet personality.  

How did it happen?

As to the accounts, Angry Rantman was admitted to the hospital after undergoing a significant medical procedure one month prior. His father regularly provided concerned fans with updates on his health on his official YouTube account, where updates on the seriousness of his illness were made public. Though Saha's condition was improved with some efforts.

Saha's health was described as bad in a community post just two days before he passed away, and followers were asked to pray for a quick recovery for him. However, it is said that he was tragically unable to be saved by medication, and that terrible night he passed away from his sickness despite the prayers and hopes of all of his fans. Regarding his passing, there is still no official word. 

More on the Rantman

Angry Rantman had a sizable fan base across numerous social media sites and was well-known for his football-related content. He was born in Kolkata on February 19, 1996, and had 119k Instagram followers and over 481k YouTube subscribers. His fans, family, and friends are incredibly upset by his unexpected passing, and messages of sympathy are flooding social media.

Supporters condoles the well-known YouTuber 

Following Saha's unexpected death, which shocked the internet community, tributes and condolences have deluged social media channels. Fans and other content creators are devastated by the passing of a vibrant and well-liked digital figure.

Saha's sudden passing 

On April 16, Saha announced on Instagram that he would be having open heart surgery in a few days. This was referenced by fellow YouTuber Neon Man Shorts. But after the post, there was no word about his health. YouTuber Neon Man Shorts stated on April 15 that there had been rumors on social media about Saha's health declining.  Although his family and close friends have not released an official statement regarding the cause of his death, unsubstantiated reports on social media suggest that the YouTuber passed away from multiple organ failure. Condolences are being posted on X and other social media platforms by his startled fans and followers.