Another Delhi metro video? Girl's bold Bhojpuri dance in metro leaves elderly woman shocked

Social media has become a platform where everyone showcases their talents, leading to new viral videos almost every day, and many people become overnight sensations through these videos.

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In the age of social media, people constantly showcase their talents, and videos go viral daily. Many become overnight sensations through these videos and then continue making them regardless of the location. Recently, Delhi Metro has become a trending topic for this reason. Individuals often make reels to gain viral fame within the metro. Currently, a video featuring a girl making reels to Bhojpuri and Hindi songs over two days has gone viral, crossing all limits of decency.

Viral Video Sparks Outrage

Delhi Metro has seemingly turned into a hub for reel-making. In this viral video, a girl is seen dancing to a Bhojpuri song. The video shows her dancing enthusiastically, while an elderly woman behind her appears scared. However, the girl continues to dance unabashedly.

In another reel, the girl is seen dancing provocatively to the song "Main Mal-Mal-Mal," with the video rapidly spreading on social media. The video clearly shows the girl crossing all limits of decency. In a third reel, she has made a video to an old song with lyrics suggesting a controversial love affair.

Users React to the Viral Reels

After watching these dance reels from Delhi Metro, some users expressed their outrage. One user commented, "This is the state of Delhi Metro. Shameful, they've made a mess. Now we have to watch such obscene dances in the metro too." Another user remarked, "This one seems to be a metro expert. She has released two more dance videos. People are greatly entertained by these videos from Delhi Metro."