Bizzare incident! Camel gets stuck in car, rescued later

Reports claim that the camel remained stuck in the car for a long following which the rescue team reached the spot and rescued it with the help of a crane.

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Courtesy: X/SachinGupta

A bizarre incident has come to light from Rajasthan’s Hanumangarh, where a camel got stuck in the windscreen of a car after a vehicle got rammed into it. According to the sources, the incident was captured on camera and soon went viral on social media.

The video shows the camel grunting as it seems to be in an uncomfortable state. According to the officials, the incident happened at around 9 pm near Bhukarka village of Hanumangarh district, when the car got collided with a stray animal as the driver failed to recognize it. The front glass of the car was damaged due to the accident, however, the passengers in the car are reported to be safe.

As reported by India Today, soon after the incident, the driver was rushed to the hospital for treatment as he also got some injuries, and later got discharged. Reports also claim that the camel remained stuck in the car. To rescue and give the camel the immediate first-aid, a veterinarian was called on the spot.