Bizzare! Woman held hostage by private bank in Tamil Nadu over this shocking reason; Full scoop inside

The bank employee got in touch with her husband via his wife, telling him that his wife was in the bank branch.

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A private bank office in Tamil Nadu's Salem region allegedly held a lady captive on Wednesday after her husband neglected to deposit a loan installment, setting off a startling chain of events. When her husband paid the Rs 770 loan installment, the woman was eventually freed.
He took out a Rs. 35,000 loan.

The individual identified as Selvam (name changed), a daily wagerer from Dukiyambalayam, near Vazhappadi in the Salem district, was given a loan of Rs 35,000 with a weekly installment of Rs 770, according to bank personnel. According to reports, he took out the loan to help his family through a financial hardship. He would be repaying the loan balance over the course of 52 weeks with Rs. 770.

The curious case of lady and the bank! 

He neglected to pay the installment for this week in this instance. Yesterday, Suba, a bank employee, visited his home to retrieve the installment payment.  His wife was brought to the bank and kept there because he was not home at the time. The bank employee then got in touch with her husband via his wife, telling him that his wife was in the bank branch. The bank employee then offered to pay his wife's installment for this week and pick her up.


Instalments were in order

After that, he ran to the bank, where he was told unequivocally that they could not send his wife until he made the installment payment. He then took his wife home after filing a complaint at the local police station and paying the bank the Rs. 770 installment due that week in front of a police officer.

Customers and the general public have fiercely objected to the private bank's ludicrous behavior, and the episode has sparked debate about the branch's operations and how financial institutions handle their debts.