Buster's unique case: This rare medical condition causes black dog's complete transformation to white!

Buster, a four-year-old dog, was identified as having vitiligo in

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Courtesy: Reddit

Vitiligo is a highly prevalent disorder that affects both humans and animals, including dogs, causing the skin to turn pale white and lose its natural hue. Though patches of white skin and fur may make your furry pets look a little strange, vitiligo is absolutely harmless and will not usually bother them, so do not worry. One such incident was Buster, a lovely four-year-old puppy. The dog, who lives in Oklahoma, has undergone a significant change due to his vitiligo, going from being black to being entirely white.

My boy Buster (4yo) has completely changed from black to white over the course of the last 2.5 years.
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Social breaks out!

Social media users are sharing pictures of the dog that demonstrate his amazing color change in just 2.5 years. "My pup Buster (4yo) has fully turned from black to white over the course of the last 2.5 years," reads a post shared by Matt Smith, the dog's owner. He went on to say that Buster's skin and fur have become lighter in color due to vitiligo.

Dog's curious case with Vitiligo 

Several photos of Buster and the color variations in his fur are included in the post. Even in this state, the dog appears incredibly attractive in his new fur coat, shining brightly, having gone from being entirely black to embracing a sparkling white coating. Other Reddit users were astounded by the dog's photos in the interim.

One person commented, "I never would have believed it if you had not demonstrated the transition," and another said, "Wow! I have not seen anything that fascinating on Reddit in a long time. Another said, "I was certain this was going to be bogus until I scrolled through," while a third said, "I never would have believed it if you had not demonstrated the transition."

Buster's discovery

In 2021, when Buster was just 2 years old, Smith first noticed a few white patches close to his mouth and chin. Later, the patches expanded over his face and body. He explained, "So there was a period of time when he was balding in certain places before his new, fluffy white fur grew in." Smith made the decision to record the changes and post them on social media after becoming enthralled with his remarkable metamorphosis.