Caught in act: UP school teacher damages neighbor's car on camera

A school teacher named Parul Sharma is shown in a widely shared video entering the parking lot outside her neighbor Priya Goyal's home at three in the morning while carrying a brick.

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Social media users have started sharing a video purportedly showing a woman breaking into her neighbor's Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, home on Saturday and wrecking their automobile.  The event occurred in the wee hours of the morning and was documented on camera. The 30-year-old teacher Parul Sharma was observed breaking the windows of the automobile parked outside her neighbor Shapia Goyal's home with a stone and a rock.  Sharma was arrested by the police, according to the media report.

The confrontation 

In Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh, Sharma teaches elementary school students. In spite of Goyal's family confronting her, Sharma can be seen on the video acting aggressively. Sharma was accompanied by her aging mother as well, but she refrained from interfering. Sharma allegedly attacked Goyal's family, including her three-year-old son, who was slightly hurt, as reported by Shapia. Sharma's actions then became more aggressive."She created the disturbance for around 45 minutes," Shapia stated, "and she departed only after the police team arrived at our house."

The neighbors claimed there was a continuous argument between the two families when they reported the incident to the police. "A video of a confrontation between the neighbors in Bulanshahr's Kotwali Nagar has gone viral on social media," said senior police officer Shankar Prasad.A case has been filed under several different headings, encompassing allegations of trespassing, intentionally causing harm, causing property damage, and criminal intimidation. "More research is being done," Prasad continued."She caused the chaos for around 45 minutes and left only after the police team arrived at our house," Shapia stated.

Brawl turns harsh on car

Alleging an ongoing quarrel between the two families, the neighbors reported the incident to the police. A video of a brawl between neighbors in Bulanshahr's Kotwali Nagar neighborhood has gone viral on social media, according to senior police officer Shankar Prasad.Charges of trespassing, intentionally inflicting harm, causing property damage, and criminal intimidation are among the several sections under which a case has been filed. Prasad went on, "More research is being done."