Fierce Bull fight caught on camera inside saree shop sparks internet's response; Watch viral video

After seeing a video of two bulls fighting inside a saree store, internet users started making "dark jokes" about the encounter.

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Courtesy: X

A video of two bulls causing mayhem inside a shop went viral, turning an otherwise fatal altercation into a dark comedy goldmine for social media. Inside a saree shop, the two giants engaged in a furious brawl as their horns were locked. Naturally, the store was utterly wrecked, but people kept watching the events as they happened. 

Scaring people off!

People were scared after watching the incident's footage since nobody even attempted to pacify the animals. It was not possible to confirm the matter's date or place. The user "Arhant Shelby" posted the video on social media site X, which was formerly Twitter. 

Viral sensation

The account "Ghar ke Kalesh" reposted the image with the comment, "Kalesh b/w Two Bulls inside Saree Store." After being shared yesterday, the post had 209K views. 

Mammoth response back

Soon after it was posted, the video went viral due to people's incessant funny comments about the incident. Concerns were also raised for the shopkeeper, who must have suffered a significant loss. Many offered their opinions in the comment area. A user made a joke, saying, "They arrived to purchase the saree but could not obtain the right discount."