Heartwarming video: Baby Elephant searching for mother melts hearts; Watch video

The clip from Kenya’s Amboseli National Park has captured the internet’s heart, prompting lovely reactions.

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Courtesy: Instagram

Among the cutest creatures are elephants. These kind giants never fail to make us smile with their adorable antics. They are emotional, sensible, playful, and intellectual. The majority of elephant-related videos on the internet are quite adorable and visually appealing. Are they not? Currently, a particular elephant video is getting a lot of likes on social media. In the video, a baby jumbo is seen scurrying across the lush fields, trying to find his mother. The Amboseli National Park video from Kenya has captivated the audience and elicited positive responses.

The photographer captures the beauty! 

A wildlife photographer named Philipp posted the cute footage of a newborn elephant searching for his mother on Instagram. He comes across several other enormous elephants while crossing the green meadows, but the little jumbo is smart enough to know that these tuskers are not the ones he is searching for. The small elephant searches for a while before finding his mother and other family members waiting by the river.

Internet falls in love

The video caption read, “I watched this 1000 times, and I am still smiling! How often did you watch this little cutie?” Internet users were not slow to express their emotions on the touching video. A commenter stated, "Too much cuteness! We must save their fauna. "Looking how fast he runs to find HIS mama," said a different member. "I bet this small one keeps the entire pack active," someone else said. "This is the Cutest!!!" commented one commenter. I adore his ears. Someone said, "Thank God, the precious baby who was looking for his mama has found her." I adore elephants because they are such amazing creatures.

Traction is on point!

Since it was posted online, the video has received 527,000 views, and the total is still rising. Among the most playful and empathetic animals in the wild are elephants. An earlier video of a baby elephant playing holi in his own unique way with dust went viral on social media. A touching demonstration of the baby jumbo's happiness and playfulness captured the audience's interest. The calf could be seen enjoying himself in the video, rolling around in the sand, and blowing dust all around him.