Heartwarming video: Family welcomes puppy with aarti, melts netizen hearts

In the video, a woman does aarti using a puja thali, and two siblings are seen cradling a Rottweiler puppy in their arms.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Pet owners often use expressive methods to show their furry friends how much they care for them. A charming video that recently went viral on the internet showed how traditional Indian practices are followed when a dog is welcomed as a puppy.

In the video! 

A woman does aarti (a ritual) with a puja thali as two young siblings—a boy and a girl—hold a Rottweiler puppy in their arms in the video. When the ritual is over, the young girl tenderly carries the puppy inside and puts it on the floor.

A Traditional Welcome: The Aarti Ceremony

In a gesture of reverence and devotion, the family gathers around the puppy, holding a traditional aarti thali adorned with incense sticks, diyas (oil lamps), and flowers. With utmost sincerity, they perform the aarti ritual, gently waving the lit lamps in circular motions around the puppy while chanting hymns and prayers, invoking blessings for its well-being and prosperity.

The Puppy's Reaction: Innocent Wonder

As the family performs the aarti ceremony, the puppy looks on with innocent curiosity, its eyes wide with wonder and awe. Despite its young age, the puppy seems to sense the love and warmth emanating from its new family, basking in the tender affection showered upon it.

Spreading Joy: The Video Goes Viral

In an age where viral content often veers towards the sensational and divisive, the video of the family's aarti welcome for their puppy stands out as a beacon of positivity and warmth. Shared widely on social media platforms, the video quickly captures the hearts of viewers, garnering millions of views and shares within hours of its upload.

Netizens React: Messages of Love and Support

As the video spreads like wildfire across the internet, netizens from all walks of life are moved by the heartwarming display of love and compassion. Comments and messages flood the comment section, with users expressing admiration for the family's gesture and sharing stories of their own beloved pets.