Horrific! Pakistani YouTuber shot dead on IND vs PAK T20 WC Vlog In Karachi for THIS reason

The local media reported the incident and pointed out that an alteration took place between YouTuber Saad and the security personnel in relation to the his cricket match vlog, which ended up with the guard fatally shooting the vlogger. Reports claimed that Saad made provocative gestures towards the security guard when he was filming the video near Sereena Mobile Mall in the Buffer Zone area of Karachi.

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Meme creator Saad Ahmed, a Pakistani who gained popularity on the internet with his "Galian dena munasib nahi hai" conversation, was in Karachi on June 4th when he recorded the locals' enthusiasm for the T20 World Cup for his vlog. He was shot dead by a security officer while he was filming the reactions at a market in the capital city. The security officer shot and murdered the 24-year-old internet sensation, who had purportedly approached him to discuss anything regarding the video shooting.

What really happened?

The incident was covered by the local media, which stated that YouTuber Saad and the security guard got into a heated argument about his cricket match clip, leading to the guard shooting and killing the vlogger. According to reports, Saad made offensive gestures towards the security guard when he was filming the video in Karachi's Buffer Zone, close to Sereena Mobile Mall. 

The 35-year-old security guard has been named Hamad Gul. The English Aaj TV News quoted the security's assertions that they intended to kill Saad in their story, stating that the guard who shot him dead was ill and lightheaded when the fire broke out. An FIR has been filed against Gul after the police got involved in the situation. The father of the deceased reportedly filed a case under the Pakistan Penal Code's sections 302 (premeditated murder), 322 (manslaughter), and 34 (common intention).

Tragedy indeed! 

Remarkably, Saad's most recent vlog was posted on his YouTube account, "Munasib nahi hai," the same day. It included a match played locally in Karachi. For those who do not know, Saad became well-known on social media following his appearance on the Pakistani reality show "Living on the Edge," when he shared his now-famous speech with the globe. He renamed his YouTube channel "Munasib nahi hai" after his remarks attracted the attention of internet users.