Is there any humanity left? Boss asks woman with stage 4 cancer to get back to work

A Reddit user revealed that despite his mother's decade-long tenure at the company, they pressured her to return to work despite her stage 4 cancer diagnosis.

Shantanu Poswal
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Courtesy: Reddit/@disneydoll96

A Reddit post detailing a cancer-stricken mother's workplace ordeal has ignited widespread outrage. According to the post, the mother, battling stage 4 cancer in five areas, faced pressure from her boss to return to work, accompanied by inquiries about her treatment plan.

The Reddit user, sharing the distressing situation, expressed frustration, "My Mum has stage 4 cancer in 5 areas, and her boss has been pressuring her to come back to work." The user also shared a screenshot of an email where the boss asked for welfare meetings with less than 24 hours' notice.

My Mum has stage 4 cancer in 5 areas and her boss has been pressuring her to come back to work.
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The post, shared two days ago, swiftly gained traction, amassing over 37,000 upvotes. It also sparked a flurry of comments condemning the boss's actions and expressing sympathy for the mother's predicament.

Reaction from Reddit Users:

One user recounted a personal experience, stating, "HR called me when I was in the middle of daily radiation treatment... Having your employer in control of your health insurance is disgusting."

Another user chimed in, highlighting the inappropriateness of the boss's inquiries into the treatment plan, stating, "Her treatment plan? This is all wildly inappropriate."

Reflecting on their own ordeal, a third user shared, "Twenty-five years ago, I thought it was horrible when HR made me come in with a concussion after a car wreck to be fired... Some people are so disconnected it's disgusting."

The incident serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by individuals battling serious illnesses while navigating workplace pressures and insensitivity.