Kalyug for real? Telangana woman allegedly chains, mistreats husband over land dispute

Upon arrival at their residence, law enforcement officers released Narasimha from captivity and transported him to the police station.

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In a disturbing incident that unfolded in Telangana's Ambedkar Nagar, a 45-year-old woman reportedly subjected her husband to severe torture and kept him chained for three consecutive days over a property dispute.

According to the police account, the victim, identified as 50-year-old Patti Narasimha, had engaged in a heated argument with his wife, Bhartamma, regarding a property issue. The dispute centred around the sale of land registered under Narasimha's name, a property that has been a source of contention among their two sons and two daughters. Allegedly, Narasimha had constructed a house on his wife's land to repay debts incurred during the construction. To settle these debts, he proposed selling the land under his name, sparking tensions within the family. Consequently, Narasimha decided to live separately from his wife and children.

Events took a harrowing turn on April 30 when Bhartamma, along with their children, located Narasimha in Bhuvanagiri district and forcibly brought him back home. Subsequently, Bhartamma chained Narasimha with iron shackles, confined him to a room, and subjected him to physical assault over the course of three days. The ordeal was captured on mobile phones by concerned locals, who then alerted a former MPTC member about the situation. The ex-MPTC member promptly contacted the authorities, leading to police intervention.

Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement officers liberated Narasimha from his confinement and took him into custody at the police station. A case has been filed against Bhartamma and her children, and investigations into the matter are ongoing, as stated by the police.