Not joking! ‘Scooter was updating,’ EV owner gives bizarre reason for being late to office

The user shared the video on social media showing the flaws of electric scooter, due to which he was not able to reach the office.

Sonia Dham
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Courtesy: X (Pratik Rai)

Can you think of any bizarre reason for getting late to the office? Well, this is trending on social media, when one of the users of EV scooter posted that he is getting late because his scooter is ‘Updating’. He even shared the video on his X handle to prove the claim.

While sharing the video on his X handle, he quoted, “My Ather started updating when I turned it on in the morning. I couldn't move or go office. It's like - I am late to office because my scooter was updating!”

The video shows that the man is trying to start his two-wheeler but it did not start as the system was updating. The video was posted on April 2, which has garnered millions of views and reactions of people. Responding to which some shared their experiences while some called it hilarious. Some people however shared tips to bypass the update. 

One of the users wrote, “Can't join the meeting, Windows update. Can't come to office, scooter update.”
Another user wrote, “This is Zoom, before joining a call you need to wait for its latest updates.”