Parking brawl turns fatal! Gurugram man runs over car by 28-year-old neighbour in Hyundai Creta

Rishabh succumbed to death instantly, while his brother was sent to a private hospital in critical condition.

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Courtesy: X (Nidhi solanki)

A shocking incident has been reported that has initiated an outrage among people. The incident has been reported from Haryana’s Gurugram Sector-50 where a 28-year-old man has been crushed to death, while other family members were admitted to a private hospital after they sustained injuries following an argument over a parking issue. The incident happened on Sunday night.

The whole episode

According to the reports, Rishabh Jasuja, the victim drove home from work, he parked his car outside the home of resident Manoj Bharadwaj. Soon after this, Manoj and the Jasuja brothers got into a violent argument over this seemingly innocent act.

Eyewitnesses claim that Manoj, who had a history of fighting with Rishabh about parking, approached the brothers as they were leaving their house to look into the disturbance. Manoj allegedly used sticks to attack Rishabh and his brother Ranjak before purposefully slamming his Hyundai Creta into them. Rishabh succumbed to death instantly, while Ranjak was sent to a private hospital in critical condition.

Soon after the incident, the attacker fled from the scene. After getting a complaint, the Gurugram Police registered a murder case and started looking for him.