Pahle pet-pooja phir kaam-dooja! Pilot delays flight for crew's food; Social media reacts

"I wasn't able to provide adequate nourishment for the crew with the subpar sandwiches," explained the pilot to the passengers onboard, elucidating the reason behind the flight delay of more than an hour.

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Courtesy: Instagram/@dailymail

In an unusual turn of events, a video capturing a pilot's candid explanation for delaying a flight has caught the attention of many. The video, now viral, showcases the pilot admitting to delaying the flight by over an hour as he went to fetch food for his crew, who apparently couldn't consume the sandwiches provided for the journey.

The video, initially shared by Dailymail on Instagram, garnered widespread astonishment. The outlet's caption stated, "Passengers were absolutely stunned when their pilot admitted he delayed their flight by almost an hour because he went to get pizza for his crew."

Pilot's Explanation: The Inside Story

In the video, the pilot addresses the passengers through the plane's intercom, explaining, "I couldn’t feed the crew with poor sandwiches. I had to leave the terminal to go through the security check again and passport checks." He elaborates on the additional steps he had to take, including going back through security and passport checks, highlighting the complexities involved.

The pilot's narrative continues with his attempt to expedite the process by inquiring about bypassing the queue to purchase food for the crew while passengers waited. However, his request was declined. He concludes with a note of gratitude, saying, "Thank you for your patience," acknowledging the inconvenience caused by the delay.

Social Media Reaction: A Mixed Bag

Following the video's circulation, social media platforms buzzed with reactions. Instagram users chimed in with varied opinions and comments on the incident. Some expressed understanding and support for the pilot's decision, emphasising the importance of ensuring the crew's well-being for a safe journey.

Positive Responses: Support for the Pilot

- "Honestly, I’d want my pilot to be well-fed and happy. Gone get your pizza, sir, get us there safe," remarked one user, echoing sentiments of prioritising crew welfare.

- Another user joined in, saying, "I mean, at least he is honest," acknowledging the transparency in the pilot's explanation.

- A third user extended well-wishes, stating, "If he needs to delay a flight to eat, it means he really needed it. Eat well, captain, and fly us safe," reflecting on the significance of a contented pilot for a smooth flight experience.

Contrasting Views: Concerns and Critiques

- On the other hand, some users expressed concerns about the delay and its impact on passengers, with one commenting, "No consideration for the passengers. The crew, like passengers, should be responsible for feeding themselves on budget airlines."

- Another user raised a question, "You mean he tried to get his crew something to eat," highlighting differing perspectives on the situation.