Pure gold: Mama Tiger's bonding moments with cubs caught on cam; Watch viral video

Tigerress Riddhi is seen cuddling up to one of her cubs in the brief video.

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Rajasthan's Ranthambore National Park is a sanctuary of natural wonders and untamed beauty. It has been the home of several famous tigers over the years, including Ghengis Khan, Noor, and the tigress Machli, who became well-known throughout the world for her amazing tale.

While Machli is the most well-known and frequently photographed tigress in the world, her great-granddaughter Riddhi is the talk of the forest because of her fearless and daring demeanor. She gave birth to three cubs last year, and their endearing moment has been going viral on social media.  A video of Tigress Riddhi's cubs interacting with their mother was uploaded to Instagram, capturing an endearing moment. 

WIldlife captured in vivid

As the cubs played, she watched them closely. The short film was released by the national park's administration on April 25. In the footage, the animated and ecstatic cubs can be seen running around. Tigress Riddhi is seen cuddling and lovingly playing with one of her cubs while it snoozes on the ground.The description for the film, which was uploaded by the authorities, read, "Tigress Riddhi's cubs bring delight to Ranthambore." Thanks to Vishnu Singh Rathore for the video. As of the time of publication, the video had received over 6,000 views on the social media platform.

Tigress's territory!

According to the official Ranthambore page, Tigress Riddhi has a daring to battle her mother, Tigress Arrowhead for territory and an adventurous temperament that dates back to her early years. She is said to have the same level of daring as her great-grandmother, Machali. Tigress Arrowhead gave birth to two tiger cubs, named Riddhi and Siddhi. This precious family moment between the mother and daughter was short lived, even though they spent some time with their mother.

Although they both possess a great deal of courage, Riddhi stands out for her strength and adventurous spirit. She made a name for herself in her mother's sphere, according to the official page.According to the page, she roams around like a "queen" and can make you feel uneasy with her daring gazes around Padam Lake, Raj-Bag, Malik Lake, and zones three and four in the Mandoob region.