Roti nahi taco hai! Woman ridicules low-quality food in PG, video goes viral

The internet is giggling uncontrollably at a viral video that depicts a woman calling the hard roti she gets in her PG restaurant a taco.

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It truly makes you appreciate "ghar ka khana" to live away from home. Relying on cuisine that you would not even contemplate eating at home in a different city is a significant problem that is rarely addressed. Furthermore, there is simply no comparison to the awful quality and flavor of hostel cuisine. In her PG apartment, Sreyasi Chaitan, one woman, had a humorous take on this.She posted a video of her meal, which included rice, roti, and some fried brinjals, on Instagram. However, this roti was unlike any other—it was as firm as a taco. This could appear like a roti, but do not mistake it for one, as she phrased it in a hilarious way. We eat it with some salad tucked inside and salsa dip on the side.

Roti tuns taco!

This taco comes from Mexico. Her audience caught on to the irony, as seen by the online giggles and sympathetic nods. For those who do not know, a taco is usually created using a small, hand-sized tortilla that is stuffed with different toppings. One thing that makes this dish unique is how crispy the fried tortilla is.

Internet ROLF about

To the delight of internet viewers, Sreyasi's roti looked more like a taco than a typical Indian flatbread.One person made the joke, "Taco Bell's been pretty quiet ever since this dropped." "MacD and Burger King suddenly have a significant opponent," said an additional person. "Tutegi kaha ambuja cement se jo bani hai," the third person added, while the fourth person went on, "Taco Bell's getting the fiercest competition ever." Warm regards.

However, there have been previous occurrences of these kinds of incidents on the internet. A video of the depressing paratha that was served at her hostel was previously posted by another woman. Imagine if she received an unbreakable, tough disk instead of the soft, buttery parathas that everyone was hankering over. In the video, she even attempted to break it on the table, but the paratha remained in place.