Send this to your Gym bro! 82-year-old woman who deadlifts participate in powerlifting contest | WATCH

In the competition for "Strong Man of South India," Kittammal placed fifth.

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Strict food guidelines, committed exercise regimens, and wise lifestyle decisions are necessary to stay in shape. Because the body's metabolism slows down with age, it is practically impossible for a woman in her 80s to maintain her fitness, even when others in their youth and middle age manage to work out frequently. While most people choose to reduce their physical activity as they age, an 82-year-old woman made a fitness statement by taking part in a deadlifting competition.

Kittammal's unskable strength 

Motivated by her grandchildren, Kittammal demonstrated that age is nothing more than a number when she placed fifth in the Kuniyamuthur, Uttar Pradesh, "Strong Man of South India" competition last week. Throughout the competition, she faced off against seventeen other women, all of whom were under thirty. The woman resides with her spouse in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu. S. Rohith, their grandson, is with them. The 16-year-old lad has been training for powerlifting for more than six months since he is really passionate about it.

Gym life has no stopping! 

S Rithik, the other grandson of the older couple, is a national powerlifting champion. After Kittammal was visited by Rithik at his parents' home in the Tirupur area, she led him to a gym, and he started powerlifting. The 82-year-old woman, speaking to the Times of India about her fitness quest, said, "I am used to daily lifting 25 kg of rice bags and fetching at least 25 pots of drinking water." I do not feel terribly elderly because I am an active person. In the past few months, I have been attempting to lift the very minimum amount of weight with my grandson Rohith and have progressively increased it.

Even though Kittammal started her inspirational journey at the age of 82, she has always had a passion for fitness. She consumed boiling veggies, eggs, moringa soup, finger millet, and pearl millet to make nutritious porridge. The grandmother of two children now hopes to participate in additional tournaments and deadlifts at the state and national levels.