Shark Tank India 3: 22-year-old invents Smart Calculator to help shopkeepers, deal finalized?

Shark Tank India 3: A 22 year old named Praveen Mishra is the inventor of the Smart Calculator and recently pitched the product with other founders of Tohands on the latest episode of Shark Tank India. Read below to find out why Radhika Gupta was so impressed.

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Shark IndiaTank 3: Recently, a young CEO who is only 22 years old appeared on Shark Tank India and received a lot of praise from judge Radhika Gupta. Tohands Founder Praveen Mishra presented the "world's first smart calculator." The product is targeted at Indian shopkeepers who are required to keep accounts of their spending and earnings on a daily basis.

Not only Radhika Gupta but one more judge from the panel showed interest in the venture. Keep reading to find out who and whether or not a deal was sealed.

What is Smart Calculator?

'Tohands' notes on its website the rationale behind the idea. They explain that shopkeepers make ₹5 lakhs a month, but despite dedicating an hour a day and thirty hours a month to accounting, they may not be keeping accurate records of your sales, expenses, or payers. This problem can be solved with a single click by using Tohands Smart Calculators. The calculators can swiftly record all sales and expenses. You'll know exactly where your money is going, which might save you a significant amount of money every month.

Deal offered by pitchers

The recent episode of Shark Tank India season 3 featured pitchers Pitchers Praveen Mishra, Shanmugam Vadivel S, and Satyam Sahu. The founders of Tohands requested 1% of Rs. 55 lakh, for their calculation invention.

Final deal

Radhika Gupta voiced that she would be happy to join Varun Dua and become a part of their venture. Team Tohands proposed that the debt be paid up. Gupta and Dua agreed and the deal was finalized at ₹60 lakh for 2% equity.

Radhika Gupta was all praises for the company and took to LinkedIn to express her appreciation for Tohands. Tohands also took to social media to announce that they were pleased with Radhika Gupta and Varun Dua onboarding the company. 

Radhika Gupta's Acknowledgment

Tohands' Announcement

It is wonderful to see innovations like the Smart Calculator which make the lives of people easier being recognized. It is important to promote products and services that positively benefit the common man and also will help to run the economy of the nation.