Taapsee Pannu to marry Badminton Star Mathias Boe in fusion wedding, details inside

Mathias Boe and Taapsee Pannu will shortly tie the knot. Learn more about their destination wedding, along with other information.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Taapsee Pannu, the Bollywood actress, is getting married soon. According to sources, Taapsee, who has been dating badminton player Mathias Boe for about ten years, is set to tie the knot. It is said that no Bollywood celebrities will be invited, and the wedding festivities will take place in Udaipur at the end of March. It will be a fully family-oriented event, more like a close-end celebration.

The enticing Sikh-Christian marriage 

It is anticipated that the wedding will blend Christian and Sikh traditions. The magnificent event further promises to merge the rich traditions of both the cultures of Sikhism and Christianity in a mesmerising show of love and culture, as per the sources of the soon-to-be-wed pair. 

A match made in heaven! 

For almost ten years, Taapsee Pannu has been seeing Danish badminton coach Mathias Boe. They have discussed their relationship frequently in interviews and on social media.

Taapsee Pannu outlined her vision for the perfect wedding previously, around January 2023, revealing that her wedding will include lots of dancing and timely service of delicious food. Tapsee expressed her desire for a "single-day wedding affair in tasteful and other subtle colours" to the media before. The actress doesn't wish to draw more drama than she bestows in her job life. "It must be straightforward and drama-free," said Pannu. The actor added that she would not want her wedding to include any late-night customs.

Mathias Boe and Taapsee Pannu
Mathias Boe and Taapsee Pannu X

Taapsee Pannu on her nuptial appearance

Speaking to a magazine about her wedding appearance, Taapsee stated that she would not want a complicated hairstyle. The brides, with their thick, multi-layered makeup, ache Tapsee's heart, as per her statement. She further goes on to mention how a wedding is a recollection of life that stays forever, and one must not look at the pictures later and should not feel like a different person, as per her.