Tandoori cheese gola? From Chocolate to dry fruits; Video of unusual gola preparation goes viral

Allow us to inform you that a street vendor in Ahmedabad has creatively crafted a dish by incorporating unusual ingredients into a gola, earning it the title of 'Gola of the Year' as dubbed by internet users.

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An Ahmedabad street vendor has concocted a rather peculiar dish by combining cheese, chocolate, dry fruits, and a scoop of chilled gola. This bizarre fusion has gained immense attention online, earning the moniker 'Gola Of The Year' from netizens intrigued by its unique ingredients.

A video showcasing the preparation of this unusual gola has surfaced on the internet, revealing the step-by-step process of creating the extraordinary dessert. Initially, the vendor is seen adding flavoured syrups to a cup of gola, a standard practice in such icy treats.

Unconventional Ingredients Enter the Mix

The preparation took a surprising turn when the gola was introduced to milk or yogurt, followed by the addition of cashew nuts and sev. Crushed chocolate and tutti frutti were sprinkled over the chilled dessert, followed by a generous grating of cheese atop the existing toppings. Finally, another round of syrup was poured to complete the creation.

Location of the Unique Gola Revealed

The video was shared online by food blogger Siddharth Shah, who disclosed that this unique gola could be found at the Umiya Ice Gola stall in Gota, Ahmedabad. The dish quickly gained traction on social media platforms, garnering over three lakh views on Instagram alone.

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

Despite its viral popularity, the unconventional gola received mixed reactions from internet users. Many expressed their disbelief and distaste for the unusual combination, labelling it the 'Gola of the year' in a somewhat humorous yet disapproving tone. Emojis conveying disgust flooded the comments section of the video post, highlighting the divisive nature of this culinary experiment.