Tears of joy! Adoptive parents' reaction to meeting their newborn for first time will make you tear

The couple sobbed as they saw their child for the first time.

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To pass on their genes, every married couple wants to have children. Even after putting in a lot of work, people occasionally give up on being parents because it may be so difficult. Couples also suffer from depression as a result. Adoption is a common choice for couples in such circumstances. Whether the child is biological or adopted, it is normal for couples to feel emotional responses as soon as they feel what it is like to be parents. Social media users are taking notice of a comparable occurrence that is becoming viral.

An emotional moment to be cherished for life!

A couple's emotional response upon meeting their adopted newborn baby was caught on camera. The couple sobbed as they saw their child for the first time."Adoptive parents see their kid for the first time" is the caption that was posted with the video on Instagram. The two had arrived at an orphanage in the video to adopt a child. The father is so overcome with emotion that he bursts into tears upon first seeing his child.

The video was shared on Instagram with the caption, “Adoptive parents meet their son for the first time.” In the video, the duo has reached an orphanage to adopt a child. When the father meets his child for the first time, he becomes so emotional that he starts crying after seeing him. The child begins to cry as soon as they are given to the parents. In the video, the father can be seen repeatedly wiping away tears that well up in his eyes.

Viral and loved!

With 17 lakh views, this film has evoked strong feelings among social media users. "The Dad's reaction had me in tears," a user said. What a unique occasion. "That man just held his whole world and seemed so absolutely delighted," exclaimed a second person. "I dream of a future where all infants are sought and loved this much," the third person stated. A wonderful world that would be.