Tears on air: Pradeep Gupta's live TV meltdown as exit poll 'Axis My India' falters | WATCH

Axis According to My India's exit polls, the NDA will win by a landslide with 361 to 401 seats, with the top limit following the BJP's "400 paar" electoral slogan.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Following the complete collapse of his company's exit poll, Axis My India chairman and managing director Pradeep Gupta sobbed during a television interview as the Lok Sabha election results were announced on Tuesday. According to the most recent trends in counting, the BJP led with 239 seats, while the ruling NDA continued to hold a solid advantage of about 290 seats.

This is what really happened

On June 1, however, exit polls conducted by Axis My India indicated that the NDA would win handily with 361 to 401 seats, with the upper limit matching the BJP's "400 paar" poll slogan. The company projected that the BJP would win the Lok Sabha elections handily, and other pollsters speculated that this would be the saffron party's largest mandate to date. However, the current figures do not accurately reflect the bulk of exit polls.

The count moves faster than the clock

Axis The opposition front is leading with 235 seats, far fewer than the numbers on counting day, which My India had projected for the India bloc at 131 to 166 seats. "Those who are raising doubts about our legitimacy should look at our record; they will be satisfied," he continued.

At 6:00 p.m., the Indian Election Commission said that the BJP-led NDA had 290 leads and the India alliance had 235. As he participated in an election discussion panel on television, Gupta lost control of his emotions and started crying. As the other panelists soothed him, the anchor offered him consolation.

Axis My India and Gupta 

Gupta discussed the election results earlier in the day. "Axis": In India, exit polls have been conducted consistently for the past ten years. For 69 elections—including two Lok Sabha elections—we have carried out that procedure. Our forecasts have come true 65 times, and throughout those 65 occasions, all opposition parties—including the Congress—have triumphed occasionally. "Those who are raising doubts about our legitimacy should look at our record; they will be satisfied," he continued.