They can't digest India’s success, call me 'fascist': Indian student alleges hate campaign against him in London

The Indian student, Satyam Surana is currently doing an LLM at the London School of Economics and faced hate during college elections.

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Courtesy: ANI

Satyam Surana, an Indian student who gained recognition for picking up the Indian flag during an attack on the Indian embassy in London has again come into limelight and is now speaking about the alleged hate campaign during his participation in college student union elections at the London School of Economics.

Surana believes the campaign stemmed from resentment towards India's growing global influence.

Surana has asserted that a highly "well-planned" campaign was launched against him just hours before voting took place. He claimed that in an attempt to incite a boycott against him and his election effort, this campaign attempted to link him to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and called him a "fascist."

The student, who was born in Pune, is currently doing an LLM at the London School of Economics; his term ends later this year. He has also been a practitioner at the Bombay High Court for a few months.

Speaking about the entire series of events, he stated that he submitted his name for general secretary when the LSE elections were announced in early March and February. He also alleged that his posters were ripped off, torn, soon after the campaign begun. Then after replacing the posters, they were again defaced by cross marks. 

He went on to say that this was a "well-planned hate and toolkit campaign" involving individuals with political motivations against the current BJP administration in India, rather than a haphazard or individual campaign.

Satyam goes so far as to say that people who attacked him are members of the same group that finds it difficult to accept India's achievement under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's direction, which is why they propagate such vicious and false information.