Trending now: This real-life 'Bambi, Thumper' video delights netizens online, ensures smiles | WATCH

There was a deer and a rabbit in this viral video, which made viewers nostalgic for their youth.

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Courtesy: X

For those of us who grew up watching Disney movies, there was a moment when we all wanted to meet imaginary creatures, lay down our hair from the top of the tower, make friends with animals, and wear magnificent dresses till midnight. Disney's primary themes include wishing upon stars, finding true love, and living happily ever after. We silently hoped that these stories would come true for us or that we would encounter something akin to them once in our lifetimes as we watched them. A charming rabbit and a baby deer have been identified as the real-life Thumper and Bambi, suggesting that these animations may be closer than we think.

A sweet video on X shows the deer and the rabbit’s interaction. People on social media immediately began drawing comparisons to the well-known Disney characters. Many expressed happiness and nostalgia at seeing Bambi and Thumper’s real-life connection.

Rabit's cuteness will win you over

In a lawn, the fawn carefully moves towards the rabbit, giving it a thorough sniff before attempting to touch it. The rabbit takes a few little hops of his own in the meantime. While the young deer appears to be having a great time, the rabbit appears wary and maybe scared by the gangly animal physically drooling all over him. Thankfully, the rabbit is not afraid enough to flee, allowing our childhood imaginations about Bambi to remain alive.