Uncovering gem: Reddit user reveals dad's priceless bat autographed by India's 1983 World Cup team

A Reddit member finds a cricket bat signed by India's 1983 World Cup winning team, which belonged to his father.

Bhaskar Chakravorty
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Courtesy: X/ Reddit

This year's Indian Premiere League (IPL) cricket extravaganza has the whole country of India glued to their televisions, as it always does. It seems appropriate that in the midst of all this excitement, someone on Reddit shared a picture of an antique cricket bat that was autographed by all 83 Indian players who won the World Cup for the first time.

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Redditors on the viral post! 

The Redditor who made the viral post explained that he discovered this bat while organizing the antiques. He added that he gathered thums-up bottle caps in order to win the bat. The bat in the post has the 1983 India World Cup team's signatures on one side and the Thums Up emblem on the other. 
"We found this old bat that belongs to my dad when clearing away old items," the post's caption says. He claims that gathering Thums Up bottle caps is how he won. @batmantheedarkknight, a Reddit member, shared the post.

People's react 

After being shared a day ago, the post has received hundreds of likes. Numerous responses were sparked by the post in the community. A user questioned, "Does it fire electric sparks when you say "chain kulii ki main kulii?" Another user said, "Now there is my nostalgia, dang we are getting old." "This bat is not signed; rather, it is a laminated facsimile of the team's signatures. A third user conjectured, "I assume the bat user understood that and that is the reason he used this bat for daily playing instead of preserving it." A fourth said it was "priceless and a great souvenir to cherish."